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Criticism and Metacriticism Conference Proceedings فلسفه زبان، نقد ادبی و مکاتب ادبی

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The CMC 2013 was primarily programmed as a national conference; in this way, 345 pieces of research from 420 scholars were received. All abstracts were blind-reviewed by the review board in terms of the title, body, and keywords. Then, the pertinent or primarily accepted ones were edited according to the CMC template. This review-edition process was taken in order to have a proceedings with the minimum typographical, structural, and scholarly mistakes.

However, interests in the themes of the CMC caused many foreign researchers to send their abstracts to the secretariat. In total, there were 99 accepted abstracts and 90 presenters, coming from 9 different countries (Iran, Belgium, England, Iraq, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Scotland, and Turkey). The conference was organized into 12 sessions and in two languages (Persian and English) including areas such as “Islamic Studies & Ethics”, “Postmodern Studies”, “Psychology”, “Race and Ethnicity”, “History and Narrative”, “Gender Studies”, “Comparative Literature and Interdisciplinary Studies” (۲ sessions), as well as “Genres” (۲ sessions) in Literary Criticism. Altogether, the presenters were form 18 fields of study and 51 universities.

I would like to thank all the participants, the members of the organizing and academic committee, and most importantly the research vice chancellor of ISU and the head of the Office of International Cooperation.

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