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فهم سیاست بین‌الملل پساکرونا: چالش‌ها، مسائل و چشم‌اندازها

Understanding International Politics after Covid-19

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Covid-19 is one of the most important and influential events and processes in the world in the twenty-first century. Indeed, the pandemic has been able to cross borders and prove itself to be an extraterritorial challenge since its emergence. Covid-19 has been examined from various perspectives. Some consider it as a real test for nation-states that has exposed the weaknesses and strengths of world powers. Others consider it a sign of transition into the new world order by multipolar players. However, the pandemic, which has dominated over the states for a notable period of time, has challenged many equations in the international arena and is raising a number of questions, many of which remain unanswered.

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on various aspects of human life, specifically on international politics. In this case, different views have been put forward on the coronavirus and world politics. These views include a range of issues such as the re-empowerment of nation-states, decline of multilateralism, the decline of integration, the rise of nationalism, the rise of economic and political challenges in the South, the escalation of arms races, and the weakening of the EU. Our authors deal with some of these dimensions in their chapters of the book and examine them by their special worldviews.

The goal of this book is to set the stage for exchanging intellectual views on diverse perspectives on the covid-19 crisis and international politics. This goal has been achieved to a large extent by bringing together researchers, professors, and writers of international politics from different geographical areas and with different fields of research. In fact, the lack of literature with the characteristics of this research motivated us to collect and publish Understanding International Politics Covid-19.

Understanding International Politics Covid-19 is an international project which 24 prominent international researchers and professors have participated in it to bring together their different views and opinions in a joint comprehensive work. In fact, every thinker has raised the issue from the angle of his glasses. The work attempts to present a variety of perspectives and therefore the reader could deal with opposing views in some certain cases. We value all the perspectives and we believe that the collection of all these views will help us to have a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the dimensions of this emerging and transnational pandemic.  However, all chapters are original and will be published for the first time, and only one article by Prof. Joseph Nye has been republished at his suggestion.

One of the unique features of this work is the reflection of countries’ views on this crisis and their internal and international actions in dealing with the pandemic. That is why authors from different countries such as Iran, China, USA, U.K, Netherlands, Turkey, Austria, Russia, Lebanon, Indonesia, and Italy have been selected to contribute to this international project. Therefore, by reading this book, the readers will be able to assess how countries are coping with this crisis from the point of view of International Relations researchers belonging to these regions.

Finally, we hope that the readers could gain a more comprehensive understanding of international politics during the coronavirus era. This can pave the way for a better understanding of the pandemic challenge from different perspectives and in the international context. We hope this research leads to more research on the impacts of the coronavirus on international politics.

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