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Prerequisite English Course; (A Practical Guide to Meeting Academic Requirements)

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This book can serve as a guide for students who want to improve their knowledge of the fundamentals of English language for meeting the university’s admission standards and making themselves eligible for entering the official English curriculum.

The chapters here are to fill the gap and help the learners take a fresher look at the basic issues that need to be reconsidered, practiced and developed.

Despite the variety of issues in the book, each having its specific effect in language learning, the underlying topic is, however, the sentence patterns and sentence organization. A good command of these patterns is extremely helpful in improving both one’s knowledge of English and producing the most exact output.

The book is designed for both self-study and class; The book is a multi-tasked one, in which students have to practice listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Needless to say, the instructor has the major role in directing the attention of the learners to the specified goals and in providing further exercises and assignments to help students consolidate their understanding of each item taught.

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